Tuesday, November 28, 2006

These two photos are from Camp Brinkley. The crazy kid with me is Geoff Bean. In the other picture, you will (those of you who know them) notice: Alex and Blake (the Murray twins), Chris Leavitt, Geoff Bean, Cameron Hilton, Jeff Orgill, and Erik Anderson.

Here's a picture of the Lybbert and Bean (and Ashley Labato) kids at Chelan back in the day. Yeah, those are my favorite shorts of all time.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

We adopted a kitty! We named the cat MJ (yes, he was named after Michael Jordan!), and he is 4 months old. Our apartment complex doesn't allow animals unless its for medical reasons. Well, I (Char) have been having some issues and my doctor was kind enough to write us a note. The cat can get a little crazy but, he has been a great addition to our little family!

Char is 22!!!!!! The day was great and Parker spoiled me rotten! Shelly kept Mom's tradition of the candle in the toast by showing up with a piece of bread and an umbrella .....I guess she couldn't find a candle!

We got a new car! The Jetta was coming to the end of its life and this car kind of fell into our lap. Our old neighbor works for a car dealership in town and he gave us a steal of a deal! We are so happy with our new investment. It's a 1997, Infiniti QX4, we love it.

Parker's older sister, Mandy, recently gave birth to conjoined baby girls. They are so beautiful! Emma and Taylor are conjoined from the chest to the belly button and they share a heart and a liver. Although I don't know the exact day they were born, I believe they are just over two months old. They are doing extremely well and we are hopeful to see the whole Bailey family for Christmas!