Monday, March 26, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Each week we have a play group with friends from church. We opted to have a St. Patrick's Day party and the kids were all over it! Kristen, a dear friend of mine, came up with a great scavenger hunt with clues left by tricky leprechaun. The kids got shamrock power (the shamrocks on their cheeks) to help them solve the clues. The last clue led them to the "gold" which were brown bags filled with some candy, green necklaces, lucky charms, and gold coins.

During St. Patrick's Day we all wore green and took the kids to get mint blizzards at Dairy Queen because they are green. Now, anytime Colton sees ANYTHING green he says "That must be for Patrick."I guess he doesn't quite understand that St. Patrick's Day is an actual day--not a person!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Big Boy Bed Adventures

We (and by "we", I mean Parker) built another toddler bed! Paxton LOVES having his own big boy bed and had zero trouble transitioning from the crib. I think he has been in his new bed for at least four or five days and hasn't gotten out once. In fact, in the morning, he generally starts yelling for me to come and get him. It's like he thinks he can't get out without assistance. Today was the first morning he came out on his own. And yes, the binky is the next to go. Don't judge me!