Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to School Pictures

I took some school pictures for Colton so naturally, everyone got pictures done! These are some of my best/most favorite pictures I have taken thus far of my kids. Can you tell I am proud of myself? We are so excited to add one more face to the bunch...four more weeks.

The school Bus

Colton was a little nervous to ride the school bus but really loves it now. He sits by his friends and enjoys getting to do big kid things. Paxton, Payton, and I see him off every morning. I love that no matter what, the second Colton sits down he waves like a crazy person to us. His waves always make Payton giggle!

Colton's First Day of School

Colton has started Kindergarten and he LOVES it! His teacher, Mrs. Lencke, is phenomenal in every aspect. We are so blessed to have a great teacher and live in a super school district. I was the only one who cried on the first day. Better me, than Colton. Parker and I are so proud of our little Kindergartner! I am happy to report that his first progress report came back with perfect scores!


Payton climbs more than any of the boys did. I am starting to think it's because she is smaller/shorter and HAS to climb to get anywhere. Here she is....eating a snicker doodle...on top of my kitchen table.