Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shelly Belly!!!!

Shelly came to the Burg for a wedding and we got to spend some time with her! She came with her friend Natalia (not pictured-- booo) and it was a delight to have them both. We didn't do a whole lot but it was the perfect relaxing weekend we all wanted and needed. Colton LOVED having two new friends to play with (and cuddle with) and Paxton loved being held all the time. Parker and I enjoyed all the laughs and fun conversations. Please come back and visit soon!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Band Aid

A few days ago I was cleaning out our pantry when I heard Paxton fussing. I came out of the pantry to see Paxton trying to gum something up so he could swallow it and eat it. Colton had a small bag of crackers in his hand so when I got over to Paxton, I assumed that Colton shared his snack with Paxton and he was eating a cracker. Paxton isn't so great with crackers yet, so I went to finger sweep the cracker out so he wouldn't choke. I opened his mouth and didn't see a cracker, it was Colton's DIRTY BAND AID! I was so shocked, I pulled my fingers out of his mouth. Two seconds later, I went back to get the band aid but, he swallowed it! So gross. I mean really, a dirty band aid? I figured it would pass on it's own but I called the pediatrician just to be safe. Once I told the nurse what happened she started laughing! She assured me it wasn't the craziest thing she had heard of a child swallowing and told me to give plenty of liquids to help the band aid pass. The band aid did pass two days later... I still don't know how Paxton got the band aid in the first place. I'm just happy the band aid is not sitting inside my little baby!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

5 Years

July 9th marked our five year anniversary! Can you believe it? Parker and I celebrated by having a night out on the town with just the two of us. We enjoyed a steak dinner, a little shopping and some cuddling. Parker sent me beautiful flowers to start the night off right. I have the best husband. I can't believe where the last five years have taken us, as well as given us. We have lived in four different states and added two new family members. We love each other more than the day we got married and we are both anxious to see what the next five years hold for us.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July

We enjoyed having time together as a family over the fourth of July. We all went to the parade Saturday morning and then we lit a few fireworks that night. Colton LOVED the sparklers but got a little crazy with them. I was holding him to make sure he didn't poke his eye with it and I thought we had it under control until he started swinging his arms in excitement. Because of the swinging, a small ember landed on his arm and after that, he was done with the fireworks! We enjoyed having Parker home and hanging out with our close friends.