Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Band Aid

A few days ago I was cleaning out our pantry when I heard Paxton fussing. I came out of the pantry to see Paxton trying to gum something up so he could swallow it and eat it. Colton had a small bag of crackers in his hand so when I got over to Paxton, I assumed that Colton shared his snack with Paxton and he was eating a cracker. Paxton isn't so great with crackers yet, so I went to finger sweep the cracker out so he wouldn't choke. I opened his mouth and didn't see a cracker, it was Colton's DIRTY BAND AID! I was so shocked, I pulled my fingers out of his mouth. Two seconds later, I went back to get the band aid but, he swallowed it! So gross. I mean really, a dirty band aid? I figured it would pass on it's own but I called the pediatrician just to be safe. Once I told the nurse what happened she started laughing! She assured me it wasn't the craziest thing she had heard of a child swallowing and told me to give plenty of liquids to help the band aid pass. The band aid did pass two days later... I still don't know how Paxton got the band aid in the first place. I'm just happy the band aid is not sitting inside my little baby!

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