Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lake Erie

Colton was working on his golf swing.
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We made it!

After six days and thirty hours in the car, we made it to Ohio! We are safe and absolutely LOVING our new location (minus the humidity--yuck!) as we are five minutes to Lake Erie. Parker is at his third day of work and enjoying everything that comes with working for a great company.

The moving truck was supposed to be here last Monday but now its not coming until Saturday. We are anxious to move into our new apartment and I am certain the hotel staff is anxious for us to move on too! The kids are doing fine, I fear I am the one having a hard time being in a hotel room all day! We are exploring our new city and loving what it has to offer. More posts to come once I have my computer!
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Something is Burning...

It smelled like something was burning. I checked the stove. All the burners were off. I checked the oven. Nothing. I checked the heaters. Couldn't find a thing. Fast forward three hours.

It still smells like something is burning.

I start unloading the dishwasher. I see what was "burning". A small plastic golf ball that Paxton had dropped in there right before the cycle started.... does it ever end?

Thursday, May 05, 2011

High Five

And just for the record, Colton got in MAJOR trouble for this.
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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Easter Friday (Ya, we celebrated a few days early)

We decided to keep "worldly" Easter and true Easter separate, so had our Easter fun on Friday with our good friends Matt and Paige. Matt, Paige, and Parker hid the eggs while myself and the kids waited up stairs. It was game on once we came down and both kids were in a dead sprint to find as many eggs as possible. They loved every minute of the hunt, in fact, Colton asks me to help him find more eggs almost everyday.

This is how it began....everyone was really excited.

 We hid 42 eggs, they dumped them in this bucket when they found them.
 I love the tiny piece of Parker's face that made it into this picture.
 Colton was REALLY excited about having Tangled in his basket. When watching the movie he says "Dad, I want to kiss Rapunzel!"
 Paxton was more excited about the grass in the basket.