Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday Night with Mom

Parker was busy Saturday night so Colton and I went on a date. We watched Finding Nemo (all ten minutes that he would sit still!) and shared some popcorn. Well, Colton kind of shared the popcorn. He insisted on keeping the bowl in his lap in his custom made bed. Yes, that is a laundry basket with a pillow and blanket. No, it wasn't my idea. He dragged the pillow and blanket over to the basket and I helped him set it up. He is such a funny kid!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dancing King

Colton recently had his 15 month wellness check. He is perfectly healthy and progressing wonderfully both physically and mentally. He is 32 inches tall which puts him in the 75% and he is weighing a whopping 20.8 pounds... that puts him in the 5%! He's tall and skinny, something I wish I was. This kid eats anything and everything so I really don't understand how he could be lacking on weight. Colton's most recent obsession is Parker's iPod..... here he is in action:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Utah Trip

Parker and I recently got back from a trip to Utah where we met up with lots of friends and family. The main reason for the trip was to attend my cousin Kacey's wedding. The wedding was beautiful! It was great to see all my cousins (which I haven't seen in a few years) as well as Aunt's and Uncle's. The first two days were spent with Parker's family and I am embarrassed to say that I didn't take a single picture. The next three days were spent with my two sisters and mom. It was such a treat to see them! Parker was a trooper hanging out with women all day long! Needless to say, he and Colton did plenty of bonding! Here are a few pictures from the wedding:

The lovely stone family!

Lynds, Myself, Mom, Whit, Madsen and Asher in front of the Draper Temple.

The beautiful bride, Kacey. Raise your hand if you want her dress (I am raising my hand).

Kacey and her new man, Jake.

All the girl cousins in for a picture with the bride.

My Mom, Uncle Kevin, and Aunt Linda. These three are brother and sister.

, Madsen, Colton, and Kaitlyn.... all super happy about having their picture taken.

Colton loved playing/dancing with Parker at the reception.

Colton was having lots of fun dancing, then Aunt Whit started dancing and he got confused. It's a cute video!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Random Pictures

I just think this one is cute. Colton loves to climb up the couch and sit on the window ledge.

Colton always watches me unload the dishes and on this day, he decided he was going to help. I was having a panic attack for the thirty seconds I let him help. After he pulled out a dish he dropped it on the floor.

Colton believes that you can never have enough crackers.