Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Random Pictures

I just think this one is cute. Colton loves to climb up the couch and sit on the window ledge.

Colton always watches me unload the dishes and on this day, he decided he was going to help. I was having a panic attack for the thirty seconds I let him help. After he pulled out a dish he dropped it on the floor.

Colton believes that you can never have enough crackers.


steelebjm said...

LOOK PARKER, I'm commenting. SEE? ;)

Brandon and Bethany said...

Chandler loves to help put away the dishes. We let him stack things ton the edge of the dishwasher. For example he will stack all the bowels, then all the plates. That way he doesn't have a very good chance of breaking them because he doesn't move them very far. The picture of Colton and Parker looking out the window. :-)