Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bowns Wedding

Parker recently took a trip back to Seattle for his best friends wedding. Gabe and Amy were married on the 30th of June and here are a few pictures.


Here a two, more recent than not, pictures of the twins. These were scanned in so forgive the quality! To my knowledge, their health continues to be quite steady and there are no major issues. They look so happy!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh So Tan

Does anyone else hate Shelly for being so tan?

Meet Pistol

I know some of you think we are cat obsessed and this is not going to help your thoughts. MJ has been very lonely since Parker and I work so often and we both agreed the best thing to do would be to get a companion for him. Meet "Pistol" Pete Maravich! He is a fiery 12 week old kitten who loves to play with MJ. Although they have very different personalities, they act like brothers. MJ has been much happier since we got Pistol and I think Pistol is happy about being out of his tiny cage at PetSmart.

One Cheap Pedicure

I was recently admiring tammy's (one of the wives from the company) pedicure when she shared her "secret of summer" with me. She buys fake toe nails! I couldn't believe it so I looked closer at her feet, sure enough, fake toe nails. I couldn't believe how great they looked! I tried it for myself and here are the results. Pretty good for a six dollar pedicure!
Parker's Terrible Fall

Parker installed a security system in a old house a few days ago. He up on one of those old school pull down attic ladders, at the very top mind you, when it gave out. The whole ladder fell to the ground and Parker caught himself first, with his chest and then with his arms. One of the sales guys was a medic over in Iraq and he took a look at Parker's chest and thought he may have cracked a rib. Parker is just fine and he has some cool bruises to show for his fall. You think the guy who owned the house would have offered some help but, I don't think Parker got any. Parker even stayed and finished the job.

Indianapolis Zoo

We recently took a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo! It was a total blast with the Lybbert kids.

I had no idea zoo's had roller coaster! It wasn't very big but Parker and the kids loved riding on it. You can see Parker with his hands up and white sunglasses in the third row.

Feeding a giraffe that has some serious saliva! I had to pay a buck to do that too.

Most of you know that we discovered some relatives of Parker's out here in Indiana. These are two of the three kids. The girl is Sianna and she is 7. Then there is Caden who just turned 12. They are standing next to the "pond" where you can pet sharks. We all got to touch one, it was crazy cool and scary!

The Indianapolis zoo has a dolphin show. It was so cool to see them jump 20 feet in the air! This is just one picture, I will try to get Parker to put on one of the video's from the show.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Need a New Grill?

We were driving to the zoo a few weeks ago and this sign caught my eye. At first I thought it was a car body shop. I was wrong. Parker and I still laugh when we look at this picture. I especially like the logo on the door. I was going to dare Parker to go inside but, considering the area we were driving through, I didn't think it was a good idea.