Thursday, July 12, 2007

Indianapolis Zoo

We recently took a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo! It was a total blast with the Lybbert kids.

I had no idea zoo's had roller coaster! It wasn't very big but Parker and the kids loved riding on it. You can see Parker with his hands up and white sunglasses in the third row.

Feeding a giraffe that has some serious saliva! I had to pay a buck to do that too.

Most of you know that we discovered some relatives of Parker's out here in Indiana. These are two of the three kids. The girl is Sianna and she is 7. Then there is Caden who just turned 12. They are standing next to the "pond" where you can pet sharks. We all got to touch one, it was crazy cool and scary!

The Indianapolis zoo has a dolphin show. It was so cool to see them jump 20 feet in the air! This is just one picture, I will try to get Parker to put on one of the video's from the show.

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Coonsfam said...

I think that you look just like Nicole in that Giraffe picture. That is a compliment by the way....