Monday, January 22, 2007

These pictures didn't post in the same order as I wrote this, sorry. Here are the Christmas pictures from Parkers side of the family. The first is of Ben and Jacob. Before we caught our flight out of Boise we were able to spend a few hours with them, of which one was spent making this sweet snowman. The second photo is of Tor, this is him helping Mandy wrap the kids Christmas presents. The third and fourth are all the kids on Chirstmas morning. Baby Daniel is getting so much bigger! Brant and Sara are really lucky to have such a cute baby!

Here are a few pictures from Christmas (these pictures are all from Char's part of the family). The first of the pictures are Shelly and I decorating the tree. I think mom and dad saved it for us so it would be like old decorate the tree! The next is a Mario Kart tournament, I totaly dominated. Look at the determination on Shelly's face! Shelly bought mom and dad a fish for Chirstmas.......I think she named the fish Shelly but, mom and dad decided on Marlin. Mom later added two frogs to the mix (Moe and Manny). One of the frogs died because Marlin is a mean Beta!!!! The last picture is me and my best friend Melanie, it was great to see her as well. Merry Chirstmas!

Shouldn't that read "Road Closed"?

Oh, does!