Saturday, May 26, 2007

Crazy cat.......he really does sleep on Parker's face every night!

Here are a few pics from our stops on the way to Indy.

Parker turned 24! His birthday was May 14th and we had a great day together. We started off the morning with his presents ( 2 new books, one by Michael Jordan the other, the Freedom Writers, new Jordan sandles and Hat, and a few other things). We then went to lunch at a restaurant called Burger in Paradise. It was a great indoor/outdoor joint that served food that rivals Red Robin. We finished off the day seeing the movie Meet the Robinsons in 3D with our friends Mike and Emmy. It was such a blast watching a movie in 3D. I have never seen a full movie in 3D, it was worth the headache it gave all of us!

We LOVE Red Robin! When we heard Red Robin was somewhere in Indianapolis, we set off to eat there. It was about an hour and a half way! Some would say it wouldn't be worth the drive but it was worth every minute!

Looks like we weren't the only ones bored on the car ride over...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Well, it has been quite some time since we updated our blog! These pictures were taken in Utah at Parker's grandfathers house on our way to Indianapolis. He has lived on this property since the 1930's! He has been offered a million dollars from a contractor who is wanting to put a road through the property. He refuses to sell and I think he is a smart man for hanging on to his house. I can't imagine erasing almost a century of memories!