Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to School Pictures

I took some school pictures for Colton so naturally, everyone got pictures done! These are some of my best/most favorite pictures I have taken thus far of my kids. Can you tell I am proud of myself? We are so excited to add one more face to the bunch...four more weeks.

The school Bus

Colton was a little nervous to ride the school bus but really loves it now. He sits by his friends and enjoys getting to do big kid things. Paxton, Payton, and I see him off every morning. I love that no matter what, the second Colton sits down he waves like a crazy person to us. His waves always make Payton giggle!

Colton's First Day of School

Colton has started Kindergarten and he LOVES it! His teacher, Mrs. Lencke, is phenomenal in every aspect. We are so blessed to have a great teacher and live in a super school district. I was the only one who cried on the first day. Better me, than Colton. Parker and I are so proud of our little Kindergartner! I am happy to report that his first progress report came back with perfect scores!


Payton climbs more than any of the boys did. I am starting to think it's because she is smaller/shorter and HAS to climb to get anywhere. Here she is....eating a snicker doodle...on top of my kitchen table.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Paxton and Payton

School is nearing for Colton and I think Paxton knows he will be without his best buddy during the day.  However, this realization has sparked a new relationship with Payton.  Pax loves to play with her more and more. It's adorable!

Summer Fun

Babcock Family Reunion

A few weeks ago we returned from the Babcock family reunion. The kids had a blast playing with their cousins--some that they were meeting for the first time! The week included: disco roller skating, floor hockey games, fishing, miniature golf, laser gun fights, campfire with s'mores and tons of family time. It was a long drive to Colorado but it was totally worth it! I love spending time with my family.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Colton's Birthday Party

I have put it off for years...we finally gave Colton a party! It never made a whole lot of sense to have big parties when the kids wouldn't remember them. Anyways, Colton insisted on having a ninja turtle party (shocker) and that is what we gave him! My sister drove up with her family and we had several friends over from church as well. We had pizza, practiced throwing ninja stars, and had a huge water balloon fight (my fingers are still recovering from tying all of those)! Although we had to have the party at our home instead of the park, the day was a total success. I think Colton felt loved and super special that everyone would come and celebrate him.
Paxton was soooo ready for pizza!
Throwing ninja stars is serious business.
Aunt Nicole gives the best back tickles!
Isn't this cake awesome?! It's a butter cream transfer and it was too hard!
My favorite ninjas of all time!
Just after this picture, Parker popped these balloons over their heads.

Colton's Birthday

Colton is five! Don't get me started on the fact that I have a five year old. I can't really comprehend it. We had a GREAT day, it started off with birthday donuts (a tradition around here). I made an effort to oblige every request Colton had for the day, from going outside to making a fort, reading a pile of books, to letting him watch more shows than usual. We ended the day at his restaurant of choice....Burger King (not my first pick) and picking out a new BIKE (how do I not have a picture of that?). He was thrilled to get a new bike and he was on that thing the second we got home.
At age five Colton can *Write the whole alphabet (upper and lower) *Sound out small words *has over 30 site words memorized *Is STOKED to go to Kindergarten *Is a great big brother to his younger siblings

Payton turns One!!!

I can't believe a whole year has gone by since this little lady graced our home. She is such a joy! We started the morning off with balloons and donuts. It was her first time having chocolate and she LOVED every bite of that donut! We ended the day with gifts...I finally have a child that gets excited over new clothes!

At Payton's first birthday she can: *Say "mama, dada, tickle" *WALK!!! *Wrestle with her brothers *Eats anything you give her *LOVES to be pushed on the trike *Went bonkers over the water table we gave her :)

Spaghetti Baby

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Right before we moved, Parker's sister drove over from Virginia with her two girls for a quick visit. The boys had tons of fun with their cousins who were willing to play ninja's, transformers, and any other boy-ish game you can think of. The girls put on a great Easter Egg hunt (which Payton slept through) which the boys LOVED. Payton got her basket a little later and she was thrilled to get some girly toys.