Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Colton's Birthday Party

I have put it off for years...we finally gave Colton a party! It never made a whole lot of sense to have big parties when the kids wouldn't remember them. Anyways, Colton insisted on having a ninja turtle party (shocker) and that is what we gave him! My sister drove up with her family and we had several friends over from church as well. We had pizza, practiced throwing ninja stars, and had a huge water balloon fight (my fingers are still recovering from tying all of those)! Although we had to have the party at our home instead of the park, the day was a total success. I think Colton felt loved and super special that everyone would come and celebrate him.
Paxton was soooo ready for pizza!
Throwing ninja stars is serious business.
Aunt Nicole gives the best back tickles!
Isn't this cake awesome?! It's a butter cream transfer and it was too hard!
My favorite ninjas of all time!
Just after this picture, Parker popped these balloons over their heads.

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