Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Colton's Birthday

Colton is five! Don't get me started on the fact that I have a five year old. I can't really comprehend it. We had a GREAT day, it started off with birthday donuts (a tradition around here). I made an effort to oblige every request Colton had for the day, from going outside to making a fort, reading a pile of books, to letting him watch more shows than usual. We ended the day at his restaurant of choice....Burger King (not my first pick) and picking out a new BIKE (how do I not have a picture of that?). He was thrilled to get a new bike and he was on that thing the second we got home.
At age five Colton can *Write the whole alphabet (upper and lower) *Sound out small words *has over 30 site words memorized *Is STOKED to go to Kindergarten *Is a great big brother to his younger siblings

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