Monday, March 24, 2008

I've been tagged. So, here we go.....

10 Years ago............I was just thirteen and an awkward eight grader. All I ever wanted to do was play basketball and I was getting really good. I was still in an odd tomboy stage and my sisters were desperately trying to fix that. Of course there are the usuals, going to school (which I did all right at) and going to church.

Five things on my To Do List:
1. Paint the Nursery
2. Get a Really Nice Tan
3. Clean the House
4. Paint my Toes
5. Eat

5 Snacks I enjoy
1. Pickles
2. Cheese Sandwich (does that count as a snack?)
3. Gatorade
4. Any type of Fruit Snacks
5. Tomatoes with a little Salt

5 Places I have Lived
1. Mukilteo, Washington
2. Provo, Utah
3, Rexburg, Idaho
4. Indianapolis, Indiana
5. Queen Creek, Arizona

What I would do if I was a billionaire........
-Buy a house
-Be completely debt free
-Take Parker to England
-After England, tour all of Europe!
-Get my teeth whitened
-Go to the Ellen Show
-Visit my siblings
-Help the twins with any medical expenses
-Start a show called Char's Big Give
-Charities, Charities, Charities

5 Jobs that I have had
1. Courtesy Clerk
2. Manager, Cold stone
3. Night Manager, LoveSac
4. Website Sales Consultant
5. Substitute Teacher

5 Things People Don't Know about Me
1. I hate wearing shoes, flip flops PLEASE!
2. I used to jump on my parents trampoline wearing my swim suit pretending I was an Olympic Gymnast.
3. I don't eat cooked vegetables, yuck.
4. I appeared twice in the BYU-I 3 point shoot out
5. Ellen DeGeneres is my favorite talk show host

I tag Candace, Jihan, and Bree


Organized CHAOS said...

Hey Char...loving the blog. Ellen is my FAVORITE talk show host too! I can't wait to see your little boy.

Jihan said...

what the heck? you're supposed to TELL me when you tag me.
consider the challenge accepted.
i heart you, clybbert.