Monday, September 08, 2008

3 Months Old

Time is going so fast! I think I say that every time I post a picture of Colton each month. But really, 3 months? Colton is eating more (A LOT more) and sleeping a little better every week. He is good for about a 5-6 hour chunk and then he wakes up because he kicks out of his blankets. I go get him re-wrap him and then he sleeps another 2 hours before needing to be fed. How I wish he didn't wake up till' he needs to be fed! We are working on it. He doesn't have his wellness check until he is four months old (next month) so I will get his height and weight for you then.

Lovin' that Bumbo. He is starting to hold his head up all the time.

3 Months Old. These jammies are much tighter in the legs than they were a month ago. We are moving into 6-9 month old sizes!

2 Months Old.


Brandon and Katie said...

your little man is getting SO big!!! And yes, I know I need to get wedding pictures up but I'm not happy with them and therefore try not to look at them much.

Lyndsey said...

He is just so dang cute. Don't you love the Bumbo!!! In no time Colton is going to be running around with Caitlin. Scary huh!!

Jess said...

He is soooo cute!! Love, love, love the picture of him in the bumbo...when do I get to hold him again?

WhitParks said...

I LOVE his chubby cheeks! Can't wait to kiss those things!