Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Babcock Girls Reunion

My mom recently had a birthday and all of us girls decided we needed to fly in and surprise her on her big day! We all loved seeing her face when each of us showed up one by one. It was so much fun being around all my sisters and my dear mother, that hasn't happened since mine and Parker's wedding 4 years ago. The week was full of good fun and good food. Because of this fun week. we decided we need to get together yearly from here on out!

Baby Madsen, Lyndsey, Rachelle, and Asher

The whole crew (except myself, I was taking the picture) watching fireworks from Seattle.

They let the pregnant lady have the front seat... they squished in the back so we only had to take one car!

Colton looking like a big boy, trying to work the remote.

Eating lunch at Dick's. Seattle's BEST drive inn!


Mama Coons said...

Looks like so much fun! There is nothing like girl time!

MUMS B said...

Thanks girls! That was the best birthday surprise I could ever possibly imagine. What a lovely, talented, special, spiritual, bounty of beauties I am blessed to call, my daughters.

WhitParks said...

Sure doesn't get any better than that funess with sisters!