Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coach Parker

Parker was recently hired to coach the JV girls basketball team at South Fremont high school. He really enjoyed coaching the boys in Arizona but, he LOVES coaching these girls! The team is 3-0 and going strong. Every game I get to watch the girls show vast improvement from the game before. They really seem to enjoy Parker and in return, Parker feels like he has 6 younger sisters. Parker always has great things to say about these girls after games and practice and the more I get to know them, the more attached to them I get.

Colton has made LOTS of new friends because of the basketball season. The varsity girls sit and watch the first half of the JV game before going and getting prepped for their own game. They really seem to love Colton which is nice for me because I actually get to watch a whole half of Parkers game while they play with him! They all let Colton listen to their iPod's and then giggle while he dances to the music. I love that they love Colton..... and my back likes that he doesn't have to sit on my lap for the whole game!

Do you like that Colton is completely surrounded by girls?!?! And no, as much as I wish that was Shelly sitting there with her mouth wide open, it isn't!

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