Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Craze

The Craze is a new family fun center that opened here in town and we decided to give it a try. Colton LOVED every minute of being there and he wasn't too happy about having to leave. They have a decent sized play area (like the play place at McDonald's), arcades, laser tag, and miniature golf. We just did arcades and the play place because Colton couldn't really do the other activities. We spent 7 bucks in the arcades and Colton, yes, COLTON won 150 of them with just TWO quarters! Rather significant seeing as our end total of tickets was 270.


Nicole said...

I wish we had something like that here.....Colton looks so comfortable with a ball in his hands.

WhitParks said...

Ooh, Paxton is looking more Babcock and less Lybbert to me :) Colton looks very Lybbert.