Monday, June 07, 2010

Colton's 2nd Birthday!

Colton's birthday was a great day start to finish. Here are some videos and pictures to document the day:

Growing up, my mom would always put a candle in our toast or waffle the morning of our birthday. Old habits die hard!

This was after breakfast, I love how Paxton is looking at Colton. I think it's cute.

Colton loves McDonalds so we let him have that for his birthday dinner.
Then we opened presents.... Colton got a new book for his tag junior. An octopus that you put over the faucet in the bath tub so the water comes out the tentacles (it also hold color tablets so you can color the water), a little basketball hoop, and a remote control Ninja Turtle. Thanks to Parker, Colton has a bit of a Ninja Turtle obsession going on!

Colton was being a nice big brother by sharing his new toys with Paxton!

We finished the night off with some ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. A ninja turtle cake, of course.
Here is the official happy birthday singing.... I am not trying out for American Idol anytime soon :)

It was a wonderful celebration, but after the sugar high Colton was worn out!


Amy and Troy said...

I can't believe you have a two year old already! Does time really go by that quickly?? Colton is so cute, I never realized how red his hair is!

Clev Clan said...

Looks like a great birthday for Colton! Wish we could've been there to help celebrate!!!

Matt & Chelsea said...

good work with the ninja turtle obsession