Saturday, November 05, 2011

"Big Trucks!"

Our Church held an emergency preparedness fair for the community today. There was loads of information on 72 hour kits, food and water storage, gardening, and first aid. Parker and I went to get some good ideas on really getting serious about food storage, the kids went to see the fire trucks! Our local fire department brought an ambulance, brush fire rig, and a huge fire engine. The fire fighters took us on a tour of each, the kids loved it!

Here is Colton in the back of an ambulance (and hopefully this is the ONLY time), he thought it was great that they had equipment to help animals in case of a fire. 
The $90,000 brush fire rig was from a government grant the fire chief wrote. It was SWEET. It carries close to 300 gallons of water and they let the kids spray the hose. The boys thought it was AWESOME (as you can see from Pax's face!)

Sitting in the bucket seats on the back of the brush fire rig.

On the front of the fire truck. This was the best picture I could get...
Inside the church, they had a kids station. The play dough kept them occupied for a solid hour. I guess it's time for me to start making some!


Lyndsey said...

One year for Christmas Santa filled up their stockings with all sort of playdough tools and Playdough. We still use it! Looks like so much fun and that it was warm.

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, their faces are ADORABLE!