Friday, December 02, 2011

A Very Virginia Thanksgiving

Parker's sister, Aimee, lives in Virginia and invited us to Thanksgiving-- we accepted.  The drive was 7 hours (with $17 bucks in tolls-- so ridiculous) and BEAUTIFUL! The last two or so hours are all small, back road highways so you really get to see the beautiful state that Virginia is. Aimee and her family were the perfect hosts for the few relaxing days we were able to stay. Aimee and her husband, Dave, have two girls (I think ages 12 and 9?) who played and played with my boys. It was such a treat to have my boys occupied for long stretches of time. I hope we get to go back sooner rather than later.

Aimee and Ashley making rolls.
Dave made sausage stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer. You don't see any because I ate them ALL.
Paxton didn't care to cook. He just wanted to wear the apron :)
Dave carving a beautiful (and tasty) bird.
The feast.
Happy and full of good cookin'.

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