Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Sunbeam

Colton had a nasty cough the first two weeks of January so we kept him home from church. Colton has attended nursery since he was 18 months old but now that he is three, it's time to move up. This past Sunday was his first time going to sunbeams. And this is what he thought of it--
The primary presidency was attempting to get pictures of all the kids joining primary this year. They kept apologizing to me because they couldn't get a good picture of Colton. I just laughed!


Lyndsey said...

oh My. This reminds me of Tommy. He kept trying to sneek into nursury with Caitlin. It was a rough adjustment for Tommy. Took him about a year. I hope that Colton decides to like it soon.

Nicole said...

Ask me about the "ice cream scoops" bribe. It really works well for happy Sunday behavior.