Monday, May 28, 2012

Baby Shower

I have some seriously awesome friends. Upon hearing that we were having a girl, they immediately united and threw me an amazing baby shower! I can't being to express how much baby gear I received from some very generous people. I got clothes, blankets, a diaper genie (personal favorite!), and more clothes! I was so well taken care of, I felt SO loved by so many.

The chocolate fountain...I think I stood next to this for a solid 20 minutes and dipped whatever I could think of in the chocolate!
Baby shower game; memory. It was so fun and the corresponding treats for getting a match were so clever.
Cute decorations!

These are my neighbors (well, were my neighbors). Sara is on the left and Eileen is on the right. Sara put up with hearing our boys run and stomp constantly (she lived underneath us). And Eileen, Eileen is one of the greatest neighbors I have ever had. She brought us a meal at least once a week and my boys always got some sort of gift from her on every holiday. She was amazing!
All the helpers of the baby shower. Kristen (on the far right) was the brains behind it all.

My favorite picture of myself :) 


Mallory said...

I like that picture of you too. lol How fun!!

Shelly Babcock said...

I love your hair!!