Tuesday, August 05, 2008

2 Months Already?!?!

Man, time flies when you have a new born! We are loving every minute of raising this little boy. Tomorrow is Colton's wellness check so I will have his official height and weight up then.

Chillin' in the Bumbo

2 Months Old

1 Month Old

About one Week Old


Abbey said...

Look at those beautiful blue eyes! They are breathtaking!

Candace, Jason & Kristie Duce said...

Oh man, he's so cute! I love that we have the same color Bumbo! I decided to get the blue one 'cause a future boy for us would probably look funny sitting in a pink chair. hehe. Plus it's a pretty blue! How is he at holding his head up? Kristie's still working on that, for sure. Everytime she does tummy time, she ends up leaving her head on one side and sucking on her fist. And in reply to your message, she totally LOVES sucking on her fist. So funny. Our kids are so alike. =) And I can't believe how tiny that bear looks now! That's such a neat idea.

WhitParks said...

Oh Chubs! I love that cubby boy. Man is he cute. He really reminds me of the baby "Ludlow" look! I want to play with that baby!