Sunday, August 17, 2008

Twins Update

Now that I am back to my usual self (and have been for several weeks now) I have been watching the twins twice a week. It is crazy how much these girls can do now! They sit on their own and can even walk! Yes, I said walk. They have a new walker that is "U" shaped which has made all the difference. They hold on with one arm, and then they coordinate their steps. I got to see some walking a few days ago, I will work on getting a video because it is AMAZING to see!

The Bailey's are planning a trip to Seattle this October to visit with the doctors about seperation. It will be several days of testing and lots of doctor consultations. I know we are all anxious to hear whether or not the surgery can even be done.

Taylor can prop herself up onto one arm. I think it is only a matter of time until she can push herself up and over Emma (landing on the opposite side she started).

Taylor also loves Gushers fruit snacks. Especially the blue ones.

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Nicole said...

Char, I am proud of you for helping out with the twins. You are awesome!