Friday, May 22, 2009

Not Awesome.

The apartment we live in is spacious yet, on the older side. Our dishwasher is totally broken. It is not reparable and the owners have to buy a whole new one. I am just waiting for the washer to quit, it must be from the seventies. Anyhow, this afternoon, OUT OF NOWHERE, the toilet started over flowing. Normally this would be a fixable problem however, we keep the bathroom door shut so Colton doesn't go in and throw phones in the toilet, so it was probably flowing at least ten minutes before we noticed. I was washing dishes and Parker was finishing homework so he wouldn't have to worry about doing any over the weekend. Our neighbor from down stairs came up and asked us what was going on, at the same moment Parker walked down the hall and noticed the flood. There was at least two inches of standing water in the bathroom and the carpet down the hall as well as into Colton's room was completely saturated. Not awesome. We grabbed every towel we had and started soaking up as much water as we could. Parker got the water stopped but the damage had been done. Even after ringing out towel after towel we still were not able to get all the water out of the carpets. And our poor neighbors below.... it ruined almost all of their kids books, got toilet water ALL OVER their back seat (they keep the back seat of their van in the closet), and it ruined several of his electronic airplanes. Our landlords are awesome and are taking full responsibility. He said they have an umbrella policy on the house as well as extra insurance. They mentioned this happened once before while they were living here. I am just glad that we were home. I can't even imagine the extent of the damage if that toilet ran for any longer. 

Here are all the towels.... soaked in toilet water. I hope you can sense how ecstatic I am to get all these towels through the laundry.

This is a sideways shot of the hallway. I took this a good hour after the flood and you can still see an outline of the saturated carpet..... nothing like toilet water soaked carpet to make for a fun weekend.

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Candace said...

OH my goodness, what a pain!! Thank goodness that the landlords are taking responsibility for it all. Yikes. Hope everything works out soon!!

And the video of Colton walking is CRAZY! Doesn't look like a baby at all anymore!