Sunday, June 14, 2009

Colton's First Birthday

I am way late in posting these pictures because I have been super sick all week. Colton turned 1 on June fifth and we had quite a celebration. The first few pictures are from the day of his birthday. We celebrated with an dinner at Wendy's. Colton would eat chicken nuggets and fries every meal if I let him! After that we went to WalMart to spend some of his birthday money that was sent from grandparents. The next day we had his birthday party. It was supposed to be outside at a park but we got rained out so we had it at our apartment. We had about 8 kids (all under age 5!) and at least 8-10 adults. Colton ate all the frosting off his cupcake but didn't eat the actual cake part, he opted for Cheetos instead. It was really fun to get to know different couples in our ward and it was nice to have help cleaning up at the end! Overall, I would say it was a great success!

Birthday dinner at Wendy's!

Playing with new toys.

Friends from church at the birthday party.

The best gift we got him. A $1 ball from Wal Mart. He plays with it ALL THE TIME!

Enjoying Cheetos more than his cupcake.

Happy Birthday Colton!


Rich, Shelly, and London said...

Look at that gorgeous dark red hair! Love it!! He's getting SO big! It seems like yesterday when his diaper exploded on my lap! :)

Whitney Bennett said...

I cannot tell you enough how much I love your green kitchen. LOVE IT! It looks like Colton's birthday was a blast! :)

Candace said...

Dude his hair is SO red in that third picture! The bouncy ball is a good idea! Kristie just has a small one, so i'm sure she'd love a big one! And the green background behind the high chair pics is super cute. Aw!