Sunday, June 07, 2009

Our President Eyring Encounter

Sorry for this lengthy post..... I wanted to make sure it was well documented!

Parker and I were driving to church today when I noticed a man walking down the street. I turned to Parker and said "That man looks exactly like President Eyring!". Parker slowed down and took a good look and said "That's because it totally is President Eyring!". We both giggled and tried to figure out what to do. I really, REALLY wanted to go shake his hand so, Parker turned the car around and we pulled up to the house he was exiting. I had my hand on the door handle but chickened out. I mean, it's kind of odd to go walk up to a strangers home and request to speak to the a prophet who was now sitting in this stranger's car. I missed my chance to go talk to him so I turned to Parker and asked what we should do. After a short discussion, we decided we better follow him! We figured he was going to a chapel or to the school to go speak in a ward sacrament meeting. We thought when he pulled up to the church building we would jump out and say thank you. He was the sole reason we stayed in Arizona, he gave us a promise that the Spirit confirmed while he spoke in our Stake in Queen Creek. Because we stayed in Arizona, we were able to get pregnant with Colton, we made life long friends, and Parker did some serious missionary work while serving as the ward mission leader. We owe this man a "thank you" because his words were literally life changing for us. Anyhow, we followed his car and it turns out that they drove straight to another home in Rexburg. We pulled up next to the house and again, my hand was on the door and I couldn't bring myself to open it and go say hello. Parker said "We've got to go now before we miss him!". We were just seconds too late, he had already made his way into the house. Parker said "Excuse me, President Eyring?" but, again, he couldn't hear him because he was already almost inside. We contemplated whether or not to wait for him or head to church. We decided that leaving a note would be a good compromise. We wrote a thoughtful note and thanked him for inspiring us to move to Arizona. I emptied out one of Colton's bags of snacks, put the note inside, and left it on the windshield of the car. I hope he gets the note...... but whether he does or not, it was fun to follow around President Eyring for a half an hour.


Abbey said...

That is so awesome!! I'm glad you were able to send him a message of gratitude...I'm sure it made his day.

That's so funny though, because just yesterday we were walking through Costco and Jacob says "Either that's Elder Holland, or that guy seriously looks like him". Well, I tracked him down at it really was! He was in a suit and wearing sunglasses and definitely seemed a little in a hurry to get out of the crowd with his wife. But he walked toward me and passed me within a foot! Don't you just love these great men!

Mallory said...

That is an awesome story. Maybe he'll use your note you left in General Conference someday--or just mention those crazies who followed him around. :) I'm sure he noticed. haha Anyhow, I heard he's speaking at Devo tomorrow so that should be way cool. :)