Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sleep is for the weak.

Let me give you a run down of our Wednesday night/Thursday morning....

11pm I give Paxton his last feeding of the night expecting him to sleep five hours like he has done the last few nights.

2:20 am Paxton wakes up and I'm mad I'm up after just three hours. Parker comes to bed after getting off work at 1am and finishing up some homework.

2:30am Colton starts screaming like we have never heard him scream before. Parker gets up to check on him and reports he is running a fever.

2:45am I finish feeding Paxton, puts him back in the pac'n'play and heads out to take Colton's temperature which read 102 out of his armpit.

3:00am I call the pediatrician because I have never dealt with a fever before. She tells me to give him Tylenol and Motrin because his fever is on the high side. I don't have any Motrin, she said the gas station is open 24 hours.

3:10am I leave for the gas station because Colton is clinging to Parker. I open the garage door to find myself heading out into blizzard like conditions. I freeze the whole way to the gas station because I didn't have time to wait for the car to warm up.

4am Get Colton settled back down to sleep.

4:10am Parker and I crawl back into bed.

6am Paxton wakes up needing to be fed. He takes a VERY large feeding.

6:08 am Paxton starts dry heaving.

6:09am Paxton succeeds at throwing up, ALL OVER ME.

6:09am and 1 second Parker flies out of bed because he thinks breast milk is foul and he doesn't want a single drop on him.

6:10am Parker helps me clean up both Paxton and myself (we both needed a full change of clothes).

6:15am We all get settled back to bed.

8:15am Paxton wakes up because he is starving.

Last night was awesome.


matt&chelsea said...

that sounds like an awful night! man...i cant wait to have kids! that seems like soo much fun!!

Clev Clan said...

The memories are flooding back as I read. I loved my babies, but i am sure glad everyone is sleeping through the night at this point. I hope Colton is feeling better and you have all had a nap!

Lyndsey said...

It is so funny even the second time! I am glad that you are already laughing about it. I wish that I could be there to hold Paxton and take care of Colton so that you could re-coup because we all know it is the mother that takes the longest to get over these nights. But alas I fear I would be zero help with my own crazy kids and all my pregnancy ailments. Love you guys!

sariqd said...

With Parker bolting away - that just made me laugh. And Brant "doesn't do throw-up" - seriously. I think it's because when Boo was a baby, she would only chuck it on him. Literally. ALL THE TIME. lol! Ahh, we're going to have fun with this next one coming soon! ;)

MUMS B said...

Oh, I remember living throught a story like this, and getting to give a talk in church the next morning--it was Mother's Day. I hope you all get better--quick!

Nicole said...

My favorite comments is Mum's....

Austin just said, "Come on, Char. A pediatrician for a fever?"

He wouldn'y know what to do either, because I'm the one awake all through the night....

So glad both boys still nap for you.

Love the pictures Esther took. Paxton is adorable. Love.