Monday, May 24, 2010

Colton's BFF

This is Taylor. His family lives above ours and Colton loves to play with Taylor and vice versa. In fact, sometimes I can hear Taylor begging to come play with Colton! They share snacks, smiles, and toys. I'm glad Colton has a buddy to play with almost everyday because, well, he wears me out! Taylor is three and a half and is a giant. I included a picture of the two of them standing because Taylor's height is overwhelming. Whats even more crazy is that Colton is on the tall end of the spectrum for his age. I keep telling Mandi, (Taylor's mom) that she is lying about his age because he is tall enough to be a 7 year old kid :)


Nicole said...

Every body needs a BFF. Good thing Taylor is so cute! Could you please ask those two boys to share their chex?

Candace said...

Dude, he IS tall! How cute that Colton's got a buddy!!!!