Saturday, September 18, 2010

9 Months Old

Paxton just turned 9 months and here are his latest stats: weight 21.7 pounds (66%) Height: 28.5 inches (60%). Paxton started crawling so his weight is decreasing (the same thing happened to Colton). Pax has been crawling about a month and he is getting faster and faster. Colton loves to run and have Paxton chase him. I will have to get that on camera because its pretty cute.


WhitParks said...

Ooh, love that first one. The crop is perfect. Love his expression. Black and white conversion is awesome. Great job Char.

WhitParks said...

PS I used to think Pax looked just like Colton...he's his own guy now. Cute chubbah cheeks baby.

esther.beazer said...

hey char! i cant believe how big paxton is getting! well i hope you guys are doing well in rexburg! we miss all our friends