Monday, December 06, 2010

The Children's Museum

While home for Thanksgiving, we made a stop at the Everett Children's Museum. Colton was over whelmed with all the fun things to do but he settled right in and had a blast. Paxton also had a great time playing with a few things but mostly being carried around by Grandpa and Grandma. If you live in the Everett area, going here is a must!

There was a huge table with all of these plastic tubes. I had a good laugh when I noticed my dad just sat Paxton on the table and let him go crazy!
They had a mini stage where you could watch yourself on TV. Colton controlling all the lights and sound effects in this picture.
Paxton was loving this giant sized Connect 4 game.

Biggest water tables I have ever seen!
I wish Paxton was looking up in this picture!
Driving the commuter transit bus.
Santa made an appearance and Colton gave him a high five!
Pax wasn't sure about the guy with the beard...

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