Thursday, December 23, 2010

Paxton's First Birthday!

Paxton turned one on the fifteenth. I know, my baby is one and I am still freaking out about it! We had a few close friends (which we were grateful for because everyone was headed out of town for Christmas break!) over to celebrate with pizza and cake. Paxton loved all the attention and really seemed to enjoy his first birthday. Here are the birthday boys stats:

Weight: 22.25 pounds (40%)
Height: 30.5 inches (75%)

At age one, Paxton can:
*Wave on command
* Make "the angry face" on command
* Clap on command
* Take 4-6 steps before falling
* Climb up anything
* Get into standing position from sitting
* Say "Mama" and "Dadda"
* Raise his arms so we know he is done eating
* Will laugh to answer yes, to a yes/no question

Ready for some pizza!

Colton insisted on helping him eat the cake...

I didn't want to take him upstairs for a bath.... we opted for the kitchen sink.
Kind friends brought fun gifts for the little man!

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