Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Door to Headboard

Parker's grandfather passed away last summer and we salvaged this door from his 80 (ish) year old farm. I knew right away that I wanted to turn it into a headboard. I looked all over the internet and put together several different designs to come up with the finished look. We had some trouble figuring out what color to do the headboard. I wanted to leave it the original paint color (3rd picture down is the most accurate coloring), it was a great turquoise color (which I love!) I was thinking we would clear coat varnish over the top. That bubble was burst when Parker mentioned there was no way to tie in the new wood with the same aged look.  We began the debate as to whether to stain it or paint. I wanted to stain it dark brown but, with the age of the door and the combination of me never staining anything in my life, we decided to paint. I think there would have been a strong contrast of color between the old wood (I think it would have SOAKED up stain with it being so old and dry) and new wood had we stained it. We left the door as big as possible; we want to have a California King sized bed some day. In the end, I am really happy with how it turned out. It's nice to know a piece of grandpa will be traveling with us wherever we go! 

The door straight from off the farm.
 Loved, loved, loved this aged look. Sad it had to go. 
 Adding in some trim after sanding. Sanding is a labor of love!
 The door knobs are super cool. I think I am going to stick it in a shadow box.

 Our handy helper. He couldn't keep his hands off the tools.
 Painted and ready to go.

 Now, to get some new bedding that I like...

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Tasha said...

Wow that is beautiful!