Thursday, April 14, 2011

Utah, Round Two

We went to Utah a second time (back to back weekends) for the presentation of Lamb of God, a phenomenal oratorio about the life of the Savior. My dad introduced us to Lamb of God in December and when we heard there was to be a live performance in Utah, we had to go.... even though it fell on the same weekend as graduation. It was a busy trip to Utah!

I decided to be a cool aunt and bring sugar cookies for the kids to decorate-- I think I won some cool points! 

 Nicole loved having someone to play duets with.
 Grandpa Lybbert insisted on buying huge lollipops for his grandkids (L to R: Max, Paxton, Colton, Ben) after an early lunch. Grandpa won cool points for that!

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Candace said...

I miss doing quick trips to Utah when we lived in Rexburg! How fun!