Saturday, June 04, 2011

Before we Left Rexburg...

Some friends lent us their two for one pass to Yellowstone Bear World so we made sure to go before we left. It's a drive through park with lots of animals to look at, including 45 bears! 

Here is an albino deer.
 The biggest grizzly bear I have ever seen in person. OK, the only grizzly bear I have ever seen in person!
 At least you can see all their faces? "A" for effort on the group shot.
 Looking at the ducks down below.
 In the petting zoo area. Behind Colton is a deer. I had no idea you could pet a deer. I pet it, she was nice. 
The second the change in Parker's pocket jingled, this goat ran over and shoved his tongue in the machine waiting for food to come out! Can you say  "Pavlov's dog?"!
 The best part of the day was watching the baby bears play with each other. There was at least five babies and they were all super playful. This little one was my favorite, I am sad the picture is a little dark.

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