Friday, June 24, 2011

Colton's Third Birthday

We celebrated Colton's third birthday shortly after moving to Ohio. We asked Colton what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said "Put the money in and play games!" so, we took him to
Chuck-E-Cheese where he could play arcade games. Colton and Paxton enjoyed some pizza and a few games before we headed to our next stop, WalMart. Colton requested a bike for his birthday so that is what he got! He loves his shiny, red, Lightening McQueen bike and helmet. He is still figuring out how to pedal and steer at the same time. We finished off the day with a Babcock family tradition a cake from Dairy Queen (anyone remember how mad Lynds got when Shelly and I picked out a Lamb Chops DQ cake for her 17th birthday?!). A perfect ending to a perfect day. I can't believe he is already three!

Colton's birthday fell on a Sunday so we opted to celebrate Saturday. After dinner on Sunday we had some cake and Colton requested that we sing to him again so he could blow out candles... again!


WhitParks said...

Ah this is so cute! The harmony in your singing is great too by the way. Love that he called it his favorite Mother's Day. Oh and loved the bit about the Lamb Chops cake! SO funny, good times!

Jane said...

I love those little guys! So great!