Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Paxton's Third Birthday!

Paxton is three! This little guy has been such a blessing to our family--we were more than thrilled to spoil him on his special day. We started out with fresh buttermilk pancakes in the shape of the number three.
Next, we met up with Paxton's two favorite buddies at McDonald's for lunch and play.
 This is Claire. I have decided that She and Pax will get married. He was SO HAPPY about new cars!

Parker has to work one Saturday every quarter to count inventory and it happened to fall on Pax's birthday. Pax was thrilled when dad came home and we left for dinner at Red Robin!

Mom and Paxton. Love this kid!
The whole team at dinner.
I don't think Pax liked the birthday singing but he was all over the free ice cream!
Ready to open presents.
A new shirt. He also got a few books, Spiderman toys, and Captain America toys.

Paxton wanted a snowman cake. He and Colton helped me put on the snowflakes. 

Love, love, LOVE this boy!

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WhitParks said...

That snowman cake is SO CUTE and I so love that he asked for one and that you perfectly fit the bill. And um, I am sorry, but how on Earth did you make that ridiculously PERFECT 3 pancake? That is amazing! You look fab, Char!