Saturday, September 22, 2007

The twins first birthday!

Emma and Taylor celebrated thier first birthday on Thursday. Mandy and mom made them mini cupcakes and they really liked the frosting. The girls don't do so well with anything that has texture so the actual cake part of the cupcake didn't go so well. It was a really emotional day for everyone seeing as no one thought this day would come. Mandy recently took the girls to the cardiologist and got some really good news. Emma had an artery that was too small to function when they were first born. This affected the blood flow, making Taylor side of the heart work harder. Well, this artery has grown to functional/normal size and their heart is just as strong as any other one year old. The doctor also told Mandy that they make an artificial heart for babies now. So, they could get on a transplant list and once they get a heart, they would put the real heart in one baby and an artificial heart in the other. This would buy time until another heart becomes available. Plus, to top it all off, the international cardiologist convention is in Scottsdale this February. The best doctors in the world will be able to look at the twins situation and see what can be done. It is hard not to think things are coming together perfectly for these girls.

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Jason Newkirk said...

could you please put me in touch with Mandy and Tor...Id love to say hi to them. If you could forward them onto my site, or if you could send me an email address or phone number I'd appreciate it. Im sure Parker can vouch for me. Im not a deranged lunatic :P haha