Friday, December 12, 2008

A Christmas Miracle

Colton does NOT take a bottle. He hates them and refuses to even put one in his mouth. I blame myself. I didn't give him a bottle young enough, nor did I give him one frequently so he could get used to drinking out of something new. Recently I have been giving a much greater effort toward getting him to take a bottle so he doesn't have to be attached to my hip. Even my greatest efforts are no match for his refusal. Then the Christmas miracle happened. I was in the grocery store, walking down the baby aisle when I saw it. A cute green sippy cup with a spout very similar to Colton's binky. I bought the cup (Six bucks for a kids cup? Really?) and didn't think much of the purchase until later that night. I put some water in the cup just to see what Colton would do. The water was really cold so when he looked up at me with the face of "Hey?!?! I just got a brain freeze!" I knew, he knew how to drink out of the cup! I decided to put this cup to the test. I put 2 ounces of breast milk in and away he went! Drank the whole dagum thing. IT'S CHRISTMAS MIRACLE PEOPLE! I was a proud momma that night. Now, I just need to be consistent which will be tough because right now Parker and I are out of town in Tombstone (Yes, the same place they filmed the movie! His basketball team has a tournament here, many pictures to come!) and I forgot the cup........ of course. Anyhow, keep your fingers crossed for this kid. We need this sippy cup!

The miracle Cup!

I love that he holds the cup himself. I tired to help hold it for him and he didn't like that one bit.

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steelebjm said...

Hooray for that! Emma and Lucy didn't do sippies until 5 months, and didn't do bottles at all. Kate will take a bottle and I definitely feel like I have a slightly longer leash now...I can go to Target (quickly!) by myself. Woo!