Saturday, December 06, 2008

Happy Half Birthday!

It's official, Colton is half way to his first birthday! I can't believe how quick time is going. I love Colton so much, I never knew how much joy a baby could bring. His personality is growing and so is his body! He has his wellness check on Monday so we will have official height and weight coming soon. Hooray for babies! Colton is super excited to meet friends and family this Christmas....... or maybe thats just me?

Colton likes to tear down the animals from his mobile and sleep with them.

Fresh out of the bath!

Colton loves his baths! I am usually more wet than he is after bath time.... he's a splasher!

1 Week Old

6 Months Old ( he insisted that he help hold the bear. I couldn't get the best pictures, he moves too much!)


Pratt's Press said...

He is so cute!
Thanks for the scrapblog link! it's such a great site i love it!!! xx

Nicole said...

Love Colton. His bear is so tiny in comparison to his 6 month old frame. What a big boy he is. I also love that he is angelic in every picture.

Candace, Jason & Kristie said...

Go Colton!! He's going to be so big next to Kristie. =) How'd his appointment go today? Hope you get the ultrasound results for Colton soon!