Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Morning

Colton didn't wake up until ten o'clock Christmas morning which was a wonderful gift to his parents seeing as he went to bed at eight thirty the night before! Colton's face lit up when he turned the corner and saw all the presents waiting for him. After opening one gift, he immediately wanted to play with that one toy rather than open up more gifts. It took us a while to get him to open everything however, I think he really enjoyed getting some new toys!

Please, keep in mind that I had a baby just ten days before this picture....

All of Colton's gifts. Parker and I got him two or three nice toys, the rest came from lots of VERY nice people!

Playing with his new chain saw. We made sure to put the goggles on him. Safety first.

Opening up his stocking.

This is what Paxton did all morning.... he was quite sleepy.

Colton loves to snuggle with the cat. Moments before I took this picture he was full on choking MJ because he was squeezing so tight.

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas Day. I hope all of you enjoyed the same!


Lyndsey said...

Ok the chain saw and goggles really is cracking me up. But mainly your safety first comment because I can hear you saying it in my head. Love you guys!

matt&chelsea said...

haha man you guys must have been intertained for hours with colton and his million new toys! he is so cute and i love the picture with him parker and the cat! the cat looks a little too smug and probably deserved to be colton choked! haha just kidding...but not really!! ha love and miss you guys!