Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Week Birthday

Yesterday was Paxton's one week birthday! He had a doctor's appointment on Saturday and these were his stats: Height 20.7 inches, 78% and Weight: 7.9 lbs., 44%

He eats a lot and can sleep through anything! Colton is very sweet to Paxton, he gives hugs and kisses to his baby brother daily. For the last two nights Paxton has only been up twice which has been really nice for me! I am getting quite a bit more sleep compared to the first few days of his life. We are excited for Christmas, especially since we have a new little guy joining us this year.


sariqd said...

Give that baby a big squeeze & kiss from his Auntie Sara. We are so happy for you guys - and love that Colton is digging his new brother! :)

Man - I wish I had a teleporter to zap myself down there to visit!!!

The Chappells said...

Char he gets cuter in every picture I see of him!!! What a little angel! I can't wait to meet these boogers.

Abbey said...

What a beautiful boy! Enjoy that sweet baby. It is such a special time to have an infant son during this time of year. Merry Christmas! We love you!

matt&chelsea said...

man girl you gotta quit with the glw light! he is so tan im getting jealous! ha..not really but maybe a little. but he is beautiful! i wanna hold him again!