Friday, December 18, 2009

More Pics of Mr. Paxton

Just a few minutes old in this picture.

Colton loves to sneak into our room to catch a glimpse of his little brother sleeping.

A quick update on Paxton: We left the hospital yesterday afternoon and made it home safely. Paxton is Jaundice so we have a bili-blanket that has special lights to help with that. He has a doctors appointment tomorrow so I will have a new height and weight for you then!


Nicole said...

Char and Boys,

We are so excited for you! Paxton is so handsome. I love how proud Colton looks. The oxygen tube in your nose makes me tear up every time I look at the birthing pics. Paxton is a the perfect gift from heaven this holiday season. Good job, woman!

The Chappells said...

Colton grew up like ten years when he is next to Paxton! Such a cute little man now! and Pax-man looks so sweet!!!! Take care of yourselves and enjoy your bestest Christmas gift ever!

Clev Clan said...

He is just a doll! Colton is going to be a great big brother. We still haven't really talked. I will try and give ya a ring today. Congrats! Love the Cleverlys'