Saturday, October 30, 2010

Church Halloween Party

Colton and Paxton had lots of fun at our church Halloween party. They didn't have trick-or-treating for the kids which I was a bit sad about but they did have a cake wale, balloon animals, and face painting which all the kids LOVED. The highlight of the night was when they attempted to get all the kids to do a costume parade around the room. Colton had a different idea in mind, the second the music turned on he started jumping up and down and it turned into a toddler mosh pit. We all had a good laugh at the kids dancing hard core to Halloween music!

 My wild animals.
 The ONLY picture I could get with Colton wearing the hood.
 Colton waiting for the cake walk to start.
 Colton was super stoked about the balloon sword she made for him.
 A cute little lion trying to walk!
 This picture makes me laugh because you can see how BIG the lion head is in the back!

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