Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What the Lybbert's are up to...

School started in early September for both Parker and me. Parker is doing his cap stone courses which means 400 level courses and A LOT of homework! He seems to be enjoying all his classes despite the insane work load. On top of school, Parker's professor from last semester personally asked him to write the text book for the classes he is teaching this semester. Parker writes a chapter or two a few, the teacher proofs it/edits it, and then is using it in his classroom within days of Parker handing it to him to edit! Parker has got nothing but praise from this professor and we anticipate him making an excellent reference in the future!

I am taking 8 credits this semester. I took 7 last semester and thought it was plenty... somehow I ended up with more than I wanted. School is going well for me and I am working toward a degree in Interior Design. I haven't started the core classes for design, I am just getting all the generals out of the way so I can continue to take between 6-8 credits when I do start the program

Colton is making great progress with his speech and I would say he right about where he should be developmentally (for those of you who don't know, Colton was only saying 8 or 10 words when he turned two which is pretty far behind where he should have been). He is putting two word sentences together and is now able to repeat words when we ask him. He's had to speech therapists and they are both stumped as to why he wasn't talking in the first place (they think he was choosing not to speak for no reason). Colton is such a character, he makes us laugh everyday. He knows his shapes, colors, several number and letters.

Paxton is crawling, pulling up on furniture and starting to balance on two feet without holding on to anything. He is going to be walking soon! And, starting today, he has been fighting back when Colton wrestles with him. Colton tackled him today and Paxton wiggled out from underneath him and started crawling on top of Colton. Colton didn't know what hit him!  I am excited for those two, I think they are going to be buddies.

And now, for some exciting news... Avery Dennison (a fortune 500 company) scouts the country (through several universities) for finance majors to put into a program they run called FLDP (Financial Leader Development Program). Parker has made it into the top 20 and will be interviewing in Southern California, November 11th for the coveted positions (they only choose 3 or 4 from the 20)! This is an AMAZING opportunity and we are grateful that Parker made it into the top 20. If chosen, Parker (and of course myself and the kids) would live in 4 different states over the course of 2 years. We would live in the states where Avery Dennison has an office and at each location, Parker would be working in a different position--all finance related. For example, he could be a financial analyst in one place, and then procuring finance at the next location. It would give him a BIG step in the right direction so any prayers you want to throw our way would be appreciated :)

We are all doing wonderful-- just thought you should know :)


The Chappells said...

if you have the chance to go to Greenville, SC GO!!! We have a friend who works for Avery there and he loves it and just LOVED it there! Congrats you guys!!!

The Bottjer Family said...

you are definitely in our prayers! =)