Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Las Vegas

We just returned from a week of FUN in Las Vegas with one of my best friends Joy! She needed some family pictures and we needed a visit so we killed two birds with one stone. I flew from Idaho Falls with the two boys by myself (yes, it was crazy) and we all had a blast. The kids played and so did Joy and I! We went shopping, to the aquarium, the fabric store, and of course, we ate some yummy food. The trip was a total success until we we were walking through the Vegas airport on our way home. Colton had a MAJOR meltdown because I wouldn't let him (well, the law wouldn't) play the slot machines. That didn't happen once, it happened twice.Yes, I was the mom in the airport that had the out of control child. It became increasingly difficult because I was trying to hold Paxton and pick Colton up off the ground while carrying boarding passes, stuffed animals, and a backpack.

All of the kids!
 The boys in a single stroller, they were not so happy about sharing the stroller--it was a tight fit.
 Colton in front of a Komodo dragon, he didn't want to leave!
 Paxton enjoying all the fish at the aquarium.
The boys enjoyed some chocolate shakes from In N Out...
 ... Paxton enjoying MY burger from In N Out. I tried to fend him off but it wasn't working.
 The boys enjoying "daddy toast" AKA toast with cinnamon and sugar!

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