Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mandy's Surprise Shower

Last Saturday, Mandy's best friend threw her a surprise baby shower. Tons of women showed up and everyone had a great time socializing and eating great food! Ginni (the gal who threw the shower) also told Discovery Channel what she was planning and they flew down just for the day (they flew in early morning and left that night) to film the occasion. A lot of people have been asking how it works when Discovery Channel (they are doing a documentary on the twins) is here so, here is a brief explanation. You can see in the last picture the three people from the film crew. On the far left is Janice (purple shirt), she writes the story meaning she has to sit through all the hours of film and decides what will air in the one hour episode. Chuck is the guy holding the camera and Mark is the sound man. Janice is always standing behind them because she can't be in any of the shots, it's quite entertaining watching her dodge the camera! I will say that Discovery Channel gave us their three nicest people! They are so kind and they are far more interested in the Baileys as people than as a story that will make them money. I think the first day they filmed it was a little awkward but now, it seems totally normal to have them around. They are great people and they are more like family friends than a film crew.

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